Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 21, 2013

          “A holy life brings God to earth in human form.  A holy life spreads love, peace, and joy everywhere it travels.  A holy life is a window to heaven.  A holy life shines light rays as it walks the earth.  A holy life communicates with God Most High. 

          God reveals Himself to a holy heart.  A holy life is a purified life, a life given over to the Holy Spirit’s training ground.  It is a statue of grace, carved by God’s arm of grace, the Holy Spirit.  God’s sculptor forms the soul into another Christ on earth.

          Holiness is radiant splendor hidden beneath a veil of flesh.  Holy souls look very ordinary to the world, but the angels marvel.  They see beyond the veil of flesh.  They see a son of God living on earth with a coat of armor to hide God’s divinity.

          God lives in a holy soul.  He scans the earth through the eyes of a holy soul searching for goodness and truth.  He nobly walks among the inhabitants of earth healing and blessing in disguise.  The king resides in the body of a pauper.  He is unrecognized and unappreciated in such a humble vessel. 

          God’s charm lies in His humble hiddenness.  He seeks to be found by sincere souls that love Him for Himself alone, not just for His graces and gifts.  He surrounds Himself with little children, those that have seen Him pass by and lovingly follow and obey Him.  They delight in His company.

          God’s humility is manifested through His ordinary and holy children, unknown to men but well-known in heaven, those souls that love God with all their hearts.”

Lover of Holy Hearts




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