Tuesday, July 8, 2014

October 14, 2013

           “My souls!  My loving, fervent, simple, and sincere souls, those that seek Me with all of their heart.  I condescend to their littleness, giving all of Myself to them.  I bend to hear their requests and answer them at once, if it is the Father’s will.  Their hearts are so in tune with Mine that they always ask according to the Father’s will, for My Spirit within them prays to the Holy Trinity to the glory of God.

          My fullness resides in these little flowers in the field of the earth.  Their fragrance rises up amidst the stench of sinful humanity.  I breathe in their purity and My heart is consoled.

          My gifts to My littlest children of love make them beautiful, for beauty is transparent, pure, and free.  They soak up My grace, and saturated with My love, they go forth in holiness to evangelize the world.  They are silent and hidden, scattering diamonds behind them that fall by the wayside of life, sparkling to attain the notice of a wandering straggler.  They shine like the sun in the world, bringing warmth and nourishment to souls.  I hide My beauty within them and it peeks out through their eyes, their words, their mannerisms, and their joy.  These spectacles of grace attract souls in darkness to the light of God.  These are My jewels in My crown.

          O children of men, flee the earth’s acclaims.  Hide under the shelter of My wings, reveling in My tender care.  Children of such a loving God, thank your Father for His incessant love for you.  You are truly blessed.”

God’s Joy


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