Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 3, 2014

          “A meaningful existence apart from God is impossible, for by Him all things consist.  The secret to joy in life is to discover God.  He is truly a fountain of living water.  You can pitch your tent next to this eternal fountain and rejoice every day for the rest of your life.

          God is the joy of life.  Without God, no real joy is possible.  Joy springs up like an eternal fountain in your heart when you allow God to reign there.

          What is the secret to lasting joy?  Love God and serve Him with a faithful heart.  He will smooth out the road before you.  He will create marvelous and beautiful works in you.  You will be fulfilled and animated by a wonder you did not know was possible in this life.

          Why live trudging through the mud of earth when you can soar in the heavens with God?  That is why He created you – to enjoy Him eternally.  All He asks for is your heart.  He will do all the rest.

          Come to God with your heart in your hands.  Pledge your fidelity to Him in sincerity.  He will receive your gift with a Father’s love and the graces will start falling immediately upon your head.  He is a generous Father only waiting eagerly to bless His children. 

          Every day is Christmas morning to God.  Let Him shower you with His gifts from heaven … peace, joy, love, truth, serenity, integrity, contentment, fulfillment.  And then wait to see what he has in store for your life … you will be amazed.”

God’s Gift Giver

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