Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2013

          “Holiness is astounding to mortal man.  His eyes are veiled from eternal realities.  He lives by his animal instincts with no thought for his eternal soul.  A holy soul is a puzzle to an ambitious person.  Holy souls do not strive for earthly goals.  They are not of this earth; therefore, the things of earth do not appeal to them.  A holy soul is a soul in love with God.  This love has captured his heart and all his decisions are based on this relationship.  He is detached from temporal values or opinions.  He interacts with his fellow men in accordance to God’s directives.

          Holiness is fleeting in this world of sensual living.  An ascetic life is scorned and spurned, cast out as odd, while the heavenly hosts admire and lovingly behold these children of God separated from worldliness and sensuality.

          The way of the Lord is the narrow road that leads upward to heaven, daily separated from worldly desires.  The broad way of earthly contentment is filled with hordes of souls living only for each day’s pleasure and enjoyment.

          When I return to earth, will I find the faith and commitment that I have desired of My true disciples?  Many fall by the wayside, never having made a decision one way or the other.  These are the lukewarm souls with one foot in heaven and the rest of the body on earth.  Their lack of commitment bars them from true communion with Me.  They will live a very hollow life with little substance or meaning.  They mean well, but they have missed the mark of true discipleship, walking with God on earth.

          Heaven grieves for these deceived ones.  Their deception is their belief that they will live forever on this decaying earth.  Their earthly treasures will return to the dust with which they were created.

          Give God the joy of total abandonment to His will.  Let Him do with you as he pleases.  He is omnipotent.”

God’s Son of Love

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