Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 5, 2014

          “My grace has touched your heart to help you recognize that earth is not your home.  You are just traveling on a journey to your home with Me.  You are not to put roots down at any resting place on your trip.  You are passing through countries on your way to your country. 

          Many souls enter the highway of the redeemed full of joy and certitude.  They merrily pack for the journey, prepare themselves for the road trip and then set off on their own.  Each new day on the road brings new troubles and hardships.  They become dismayed and stop to rest.  They decide to pitch a tent, for the spot is shady and beautiful.  Soon they decide to build a sturdy house to protect them from the rains and storms.  Life becomes so comfortable that they unpack their bags and never venture out again on their path to sainthood.  I had a wonderful adventure prepared for them, but they decided to end the journey almost as soon as it began.

          These are the masses of lukewarm souls that started out jubilantly with Me at our first encounter.  Life’s vicissitudes proved to be too hard for them, so they decided to stay in the doldrums of mediocrity and stagnation.  Soon they were very hard to distinguish from all the other earth dwellers.  They were no longer pilgrims on a journey to their homeland; they were squatters in a land that wasn’t theirs, a wasteland of temporal pleasures.

          The journey is long and hard.  It is the royal road of the cross, the path I walked.  It isn’t easy, but the efforts are eternal.  Very few pilgrims stay on the road in this age of agnosticism and cynicism.  It is hard to keep your eyes on an invisible future when what is visible is so enticing and seemingly gratifying.

          Souls, hear My voice.  Leave your couches of comfort and ease.  Pull up your earthly roots and get back on the road you have abandoned.  Pack your heavenly bags again and leave behind the things of no value.

          I await you on the road.  Will you join Me?”

Wayfarer on the Journey

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