Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 13, 2013

          “Animals love instinctively and unconditionally.  They fulfill the will of God intuitively.  They are not greedy or hateful, pushy or discontent.  They do not strive for the highest position or mope in self-pity.  Animals do not possess the reasoning of a man’s mind.  They function exactly where God has placed them with no complaint or thought.

          If only man could be as content, pliable, and obedient as the animal kingdom!  Man’s mind causes him to rebel against his lot in life.  His reasoning process keeps him restless and fearful.  His thoughts cause him to stray from God’s path for him.  Sin starts in the mind and then is transferred to the bodily members.  Your thoughts determine your destiny.  See how important it is to pay attention to what you are thinking about at any given moment! 

          You must introduce God into each of your thought moments on earth.  When your mind strays to earthly distractions, become aware of the shift.  You lose your peace and serenity.  You become troubled and confused.  These are the times that you must cry out to Me asking for help to reestablish My reign in your thoughts. The world introduces millions of thoughts to you daily.  Distractions are everywhere.  You fight off one distraction and another one is waiting to replace it.  The only way to win this battle is to stop to take an assessment of your life.  Most people never in a lifetime examine their life.  They are on automatic power, rushing form one thing to the next.  They have no inner knowledge of how they are actually living day to day.  If they could see themselves on a screen, they would be extremely surprised.
          I ask souls to stop, to be still to let Me show them how they are doing, to let Me teach them how to live the life of heaven on earth.  Life will change for them if they but listen to My voice.  I will bring peace, joy, serenity, comfort, and a holy boldness to their day.  Their eyes will be opened to the eternal and what is most lasting. 
          How few the meditative souls!  What a pity!  Only one life – will you stop to learn how to live it?

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