Tuesday, July 1, 2014


July 4, 2013

          “My wisdom crowns the heart of a child.  His purity, innocence and simplicity show the world the heart of God, the Eternal Child in the heavens.  The kingdom of heaven is filled with laughing children that play in the presence of God.  They are simple.  They live to love God.

          Heaven opens to the children.  They line the halls of heaven, singing joyfully to their loving Father who fulfills all their needs.  The angels gather the children together, introducing them to God’s grandeur and their heavenly home.  All is well in this kingdom of light and love.

          This heavenly aura comes to earth to replenish the famished hearts of men.  It is seen fleetingly in all its beauty, but the eyes of men are veiled to heaven’s reality.  The imaginary world of the children is the world of heaven.  Slowly the children outgrow this beautiful world and they lose sight of God’s face.

          Jesus exhorted the world, “Become a little child, for only children enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Only the pure, the innocent, the simple, the defenseless, the loving heart of a child will enter the kingdom of God.

          God loves children.  Jesus embraced the children.  Satan wants to kill the children and he is succeeding.  Oh, the sadness in heaven over the death of a child of earth … Heaven receives these souls joyfully, but God is hurt and wounded by the rejection of His loving gift of life.

          The children have stolen God’s heart, O proud men of earth.”

The Holy Spirit of Life


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