Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 13, 2013

          “Day after day, life comes and goes.  Your life span is so short in the light of eternity.  As a grain of sand on an isolated beach, so is man’s life on this earth.  Things are not what they seem.  Beyond the skies are realms unknown to man, beyond his comprehension.

          I created My little dust man to show forth My wisdom and glory to the eternal world, a world beyond thought.  I revealed My love and My face to the angelic choirs in a way unknown to them.  They recoiled at the thought of such condescension.  Many of them left their angelic choirs to pursue the path of prideful disobedience.  In My humility, I created a man made of dust.  With all My heart, I gave Myself to this man.  I gave him woman, a companion to light up his life.  I nurtured and cherished these little souls in My beautiful garden of love.  My little dust man was deceived and disobeyed My rule of life.  It was My test of love for him.

          In My distress, he was separated from My holiness, but My plan to redeem him consoled My heart.  I long for love returned from a pure and willing heart.  Free will is My gift to man.  And so I waited through the centuries for that special moment to return to earth in a dust body to share earth’s dilemma with man.

          I lived as a man of dust with the heart of an omnipotent God.  I shared man’s sorrows, joys, and limitations.  My love compelled Me to leap from heaven to earth for him.  I gave him everything, even My lifeblood to complete the redemption plan to restore our severed relationship.

          I opened the door to My heavenly garden again.  It had been closed and locked for centuries.  My door has been open for thousands of years, but very few dust men seek to enter My garden.



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