Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 15, 2013

           “Come away from the world.  Sit alone quietly before Me.  Let Me teach you My truths.  I will lead you in peaceful paths.  I will show you the secret to righteous living.  “Come to Me to be saved, all the ends of the earth.”  Saved from what?  Saved from the world’s system which would like to destroy your soul.  I seek to make men holy, righteous, sacred in their duties, merciful, kind, compassionate, and forgiving.  I prepare him for heaven’s beauty.  The world seeks fleshly and sensual pleasures that leave the body numb to holiness.  Men hurt each other, war against each other, selfishly pursue their own interests to the detriment of others, ignore the children and put them to death, glamorize the sinful, proud souls and on and on I could speak.  The sin of the world is nauseating to Me and I turn away in disgust, especially from those who know the right way but refuse to follow it.

          So few prayerful, holy, self-sacrificing souls live on the earth in these last days.  Only a remnant prepared by My Father to “save as by fire” those plucked from the flames of hell.  These souls are hidden away, being prepared by the Holy Spirit for the final battle.  They have no outward marks on them to identify them as God’s warriors, but they are the souls faithfully refuting the sinful ways of the world, refusing to comply with unrighteous deeds.

          They are looked upon askance by a world obsessed with beauty and glamour.  Their attributes are hidden from the eyes of men.  They commune with their God in their prayer closets, supplicating for the souls of men.

          Things are not what they seem.  The hidden shall be revealed, the proud shall be obscured, the weak shall be the leaders, the strong shall falter in weakness.

          God’s ways are not your ways, O man.  If they were, you would have been annihilated unmercifully.  God is Father.  He is Love.  He constantly gives you opportunities to repent.  O prodigal sons of earth, return to your Father.  He awaits you with open arms.”

Jesus, Savior

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