Wednesday, August 20, 2014

January 21, 2014

          “The subtlety of walking with God in life eludes mankind.  God hides His greatest works in the most lowly appearances.  What man considers great means nothing to God.  What man despises, God cherishes.

          Jesus showed the world the way to impress God.  He lived a life of poverty, hiddenness, and lowliness, despised by humans but treasured by God.  In order to find God, you must lower yourself in the eyes of men.  You must lose your life in this world in order to save it unto life eternal.  Life is a test, preparing you for your eternal home.  All things accumulated on earth will perish.  Only the treasures you put in the bank of heaven are forever. 

          What are these eternal riches reserved in heaven for you?  Your faithfulness to your specific call in life, fidelity to duty, loving souls and helping them, trust and abandonment to the God you do not see with your eyes, keeping yourself from sin and worldly desires, living the lowly life of a hidden and unknown saint.

          It is very hard to remain holy when you are exposed to the world.  Holiness and fame rarely meet.  Only the greatest saints have been able to withstand the temptations of fame.  Fame steals every moment of your time on earth.  It seeks to destroy your relationship with God and your eternal perspective.

          How many mothers have attained sainthood among dirty dishes and soiled diapers?  How many fathers, unknown to the world, have built beautiful palaces in heaven by faithfully getting up at dawn to go to work?  How many grandmothers are known in the halls of heaven as they remain hidden at home faithfully interceding for the world?  How many souls bearing the burden of constant sickness are sending a glorious reward to heaven, the crown of faithfulness unto death?

          God’s ways are not man’s ways.  The world lies to you.  It talks of success, health, beauty, riches, fame … the good life.  There is no ‘good life’ for any soul on earth.  Tragedy happens to all.  It is in the choice of choosing God’s way or the world’s way that a saint will be known.  The daily choice of accepting God’s will, whatever it may be, is the source of joy and peace for every soul on earth.

          It is so simple that it is missed.  Choose God or death.  Man chooses what will doom him.  How rebellious is the nature of man, in pride to choose what will harm him.  Free will has doomed many souls.

          Men of earth, I urge you, give your free will to God today.  Receive God’s blessing of eternal life.”

Holy Spirit of Truth,
Warning from God

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