Monday, August 11, 2014

November 11, 2013

          “I call you back to the one truth that will make you a saint – LOVE.  My love in you will change the world.  Of yourself, you are weakness personified, but in Me, you have the strength of God Almighty.

          I infuse My goodness into the weakest instruments, those that are docile to My incessant inspirations.  I call them “My little chosen ones,” for I have created them to be a part of My family from eternity past.  I have destined them for a glorious eternity, ruling and reigning with Me without end, ages upon ages of loving unity.

          The reward is so great, My children.  Do not lose sight of your endless future with Me.  This world is a passing stage performance, only a dress rehearsal, for the real act.  Many actors have decided to sit on the sidelines, distracted by the world.  They are not prepared for the real performance, eternal life in heavenly realms with Me.

          The wise shall inherit the earth, for they shall work with Me to bring My kingdom to earth.  “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  My souls of predilection have lost their lives in this world to save it for eternal life.

          Be wise, O children of men on earth.  Your distractions are destroying your soul.  There will be no remedy on the Day of Judgment.  Now is the accepted time of salvation.  Now is the dress rehearsal.  Cast aside all that is superfluous and earthly minded.  Walk the narrow path of the saints to eternity.  Your God is with you.  He will help you.  Think of Him and He will strengthen you to choose the right path.  He is Love.”

Trumpet for God

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