Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 12, 2014

          “I am in love with My children of eternal hope.  I am from eternity past, no beginning and no end, a thought too infinite for you to fathom.  You are a little speck, a little dot in My eternal life.  I have chosen to create you, to cast My loving eye upon you, to conform you into My image, to share My eternity with Me.  My love has overwhelmed Me, producing a mercy not to be imagined in a creature’s brain.

          You are all little children, created by a loving Father of infinite goodness.  I have chosen to share My goodness with you forever.  It is a privilege unimagined and hidden from your eyes of flesh.  Trust that there are worlds you could not fathom, graces you could not dream of, adventures so beautiful that words fail to portray their grandeur.  I have chosen to hide these things from the wise and mighty in this world to reveal them only to the little and humble children who love Me and have confidence in My word.

          What glories await you, My littlest ones!  Your faithfulness is filling your heavenly treasure chests.  Your love is building your home in heaven.  Your humility is carving out a niche in My heart.  I want you close to Me forever!

          How could I love you so much?  You ask.  I am Love.  My love is who I am.  The beauty of My love will enrapture you forever.  Now, at this moment upon earth, in your life, let My love come to fruition.  Let My love dawn upon you from My realm of perfection.  This love will penetrate every cell in your body.  You will then be a radiation of My love to the world, for My love is glorious, beautiful, and electrifying. 

          My love lights up eternity.  Let your life be a funnel open to My love.  The more you receive of Me, the more light you will bring to earth, for My love is light.  You will be My glowing globes of light radiating My image to the world.  I will illuminate the world through you.”

Light Illuminator

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