Monday, August 11, 2014

November 13, 2013

          “Love alone endures.  The love of God concealed in a heart is the reign of God upon earth.  God is love.  He reigns in love, a loving king loving His children eternally. 

          The Holy Spirit of Love inundates a soul of peace and goodwill.  To invoke the Holy Spirit is to manifest God’s love on earth.  The Holy Spirit is the love of God poured forth in human terms.  He pours forth from the circle of God’s divinity to inflame the earth with God’s love.

          He came as fire upon the heads of the first apostles.  He inflames the soul with love for God.  He is inhibited in His influence by sin – pride, gluttony, sensuality, falsehood.  He seeks a pure heart, undefiled, unspotted by the world.

          To open your heart to the Holy Spirit is also to make the decision to abstain from sin.  To mortify yourself, to sacrifice yourself – these acts of your will welcome the continual influence of God’s Holy Spirit.  As you stoke the fire of His love within you by loving acts and loving words, His bonfire grows greatly within you.  It becomes a purifying fire to remove all the dross left behind by sin.  This fire engulfs the soul and enkindles bonfire after bonfire around a child of God, lighting up his world, his radius of influence.  The Holy Spirit creates a beautifully fragrant garden of virtues in a docile heart.  Jesus comes to walk among the fruits and flowers.  He rests in this loving environment.

          The sign of the Holy Spirit in a soul is contentment, peace, joy, and love.  As a child rests in his mother’s arms, so the soul filled with the Holy Spirit rests in God’s peace amidst the fiercest tribulations.

          Invoke this Spirit of Love to come to live in the abode of your soul.  He will set you free from all attachment to earthly temporalities.  He will set you on fire with love for God.  He is God’s bonfire of love lit just for you!”

Jesus, Fire Keeper

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