Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

          “The more you let go and give up, the happier you will be.  The less you own, the freer you will be.

          Life has become a series of complications for My people.  Possessions have attached them to earth by cords and knots.  So much time is consumed taking care of and protecting possessions.

          You are to live in the world of spirit.  Your time and treasure is in the realm of the immaterial.  These material possessions are holding you back from a clearness of purpose.  They distract and overwhelm you.  They steal your time.  Their beauty is an illusion, for everything on earth decays.

          Religious souls escape the snare of earthly possessions by their vow of poverty.  This frees them from the strings of earth.  They have time to live in My presence in freedom of spirit.  They are not continually worried about taking care of their possessions, for they have none.  They have chosen “the better part” for love of Me.  They have turned their backs on the world’s glamour and promise of fulfillment in the next new product.  They seek to nourish and enrich their spirits.  They live for the glory of God and to procure souls for God’s glory.  They gaze into the heavens.  They have pulled their eyes away from the goods of the earth.  All My true saints have sought out poverty and austerity.  Like Me, they lived in obscurity to the world, yet known to the heavenly band.

          These desires in your heart for freedom and simplicity are inspired by My Holy Spirit of Truth who seeks to guide you into the land of the giants, those whose spirits rule over the flesh.

          As your prayers ascend in purity of heart, the Holy Spirit takes you lovingly by the hand to lead you into the pastures of peace, the realm of spiritual enlightenment.  Trust His leading.  He will show you the way.”

Jesus, Intercessor

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