Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August 23, 2012

          “Purity is excellence attained by the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus.  Only a pure heart can see God.  God’s gaze purifies the soul from every stain of sin.  God has created man to be pure and holy of heart.  This is his highest excellence.

          How do you keep yourself unspotted from the world?  By falling in love with Jesus, your Purifier.  As you commune intimately with Him, your eye becomes clear, your heart melts before Him, you see the beauty of heaven’s purity.  Your views are altered.  You are changed into the purity of Jesus, whose only desire is to love God and to do His holy and perfect will. 

          Purity is the power of evangelization.  Only a pure soul can reflect the light of Jesus, like the prism of a crystal.  Sin mars the glass, making it appear dim and cloudy, not allowing Jesus to shine through the windows.

          Ask your Jesus to purify you daily from the slightest sin.  There are so many sins that are subtle and hidden.  You need the light of the Holy Spirit to reveal them.  You need His strength to eradicate all uncleanness and vices.

          Lift your face up to Me like a stately sunflower in a garden.  Bend towards the sun at all times.  Let its rays keep you light and bright.  Sway in the gentle breeze of adversity with your eyes stayed upon your immovable God.

          Sprinkle My sunshine everywhere you go, the pure rays of My love.  You will enlighten the world around you and bring joy to the dark places.

          Be the pure little trusting child I created you to be.”

Heaven’s Voice

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