Thursday, August 1, 2013

September 12, 2012

          “It is My love pouring forth from your inner being.  I have given you My love, the greatest gift on earth.  My deep love for souls, My love for My Father, My eagerness to craft saints, My desire to bring the world to God – these are My heart’s desires.  I have placed them within you.

          Do you think it is you that envisions God’s will on earth?  Do you think these desires are from you alone?  I live within you, loving My Father, loving My brothers and sisters, desiring their conversion to light, eager to transform them into saints.  You have invited Me to live within you and I have come.  I come with My yearnings and desires expressed through you.  Your confident faith in My indwelling allows Me to express Myself uninhibitedly through you.  My light is able to shine in all its beauty through a soul given over to God’s love.

          So many graces have been bestowed on My faithful ones!  I shower abundant raindrops upon them daily – droplets of love and mercy which continually heal, cleanse, and sanctify.  I nurture and nourish My children as a tender mother, training them in the ways of the kingdom.  These obedient little souls are unknown to the world, yet they are My darlings.  I lavish My love upon them.  They reside in My heart and I live My life in them.

          I love little children.  They are completely disarming.  The more childlike a soul becomes, the more tender is My love for it.  Continue being the little child I have created you to be.  I am your Father.  Let Me care for all your needs.  All you need to do is trust in My loving care for you.  When you look up to heaven and smile at Me, My heart is so touched.  In a world of violence and strife, My children are scattered everywhere as little sunflowers, their bright yellow faces always turning toward the Sun.

          My little sunflowers, thank you for loving Me.  Thank you for being obedient and thankful.  Thank you for your faithfulness to duty, your joy in the mundane tasks of life, for loving where I have placed you.

          My heaven is populated with various flowers of virtue.  I will scatter My special sunflowers all over the realms of heaven to brighten heaven’s glow.  You are My joy, children of the light, sunflowers basking in God’s light.  You have stolen My heart and I do not want it back.  I trust your care for My heart.”

Lover of My Little Sunflowers

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