Thursday, August 8, 2013

October 1, 2012

          “The divine mercy of Jesus is without end.  Forever he will keep souls in existence by His divine merciful love for them.  These are the jewels and the gems He has created to glorify Him forever, shining in radiant splendor throughout eternity.

          Light is diffusive.  It permeates, illuminates, and cleanses from impurity.  As you gaze on the light of Jesus, you become transparent and purified in the light of His love.  His radiance enraptures your soul.  His magnificence astounds and fascinates you.  He is the living fountain of water that never runs dry, but continually flows forth to quench man’s insatiable thirst.  Those whom the Holy Spirit has enlightened are transformed “from glory to glory.”  Their light begins to shine brighter and brighter with each passing day.  Their face is transformed into the gentleness of Jesus.  The world takes notice.  The darkness sees the light.  Souls are touched by an unseen power they do not understand.
          My souls, My children whom I have created for My glory, run to Me daily to embrace the Uncreated.  Though they do not see with bodily eyes, their spirits return to their Creator.  They know the Source of life in their inner being.  In quietness, they inherit the mind of Christ.  In fidelity, they are being chiseled into icons of grace, prepared by God to minister to others.  These are My precious children, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.  They sacrifice this earthly life for a kingdom they have never seen.  They sacrifice the pleasures of the world to sit alone in My company, the God they have never seen. 

          “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.”  How I shower My graces upon them continuously!  They walk the path of life with Me at their side, sheltering and protecting them.  They hear My voice in their circumstances.  They love Me with My love, the love of the Holy Spirit residing in them.  They are My temples of love, radiating My light through the stained glass windows of their earthly bodies, the tabernacles I have furnished for them.  These moveable temples gracefully glide through the paths of earth, singing, rejoicing, praising, worshipping, and adoring the Most Holy God of Creation.  I furnish them with My gifts and graces.  They exist for the praise of God’s glory.  Hallelujah!”

Jesus, Worshipper Par Excellence

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