Thursday, August 8, 2013

September 29, 2012

          “My children are like flowers basking in My sunshine.  They sway in the breezes of My Spirit; they lift their heads to me for nourishment; they beautify the world with their vivid colors; they fragrance the air with the perfume of heaven.  Their delicate petals drop to the earth in sacrificial prayers and offerings for the souls of their brothers and sisters in the world.

          These tiny and delicate flowers change the world around them.  They truly blossom wherever they are planted, not striving to move anywhere else.  They are content to be icons of beauty wherever they are placed.  I gather these flowers for unique purposes.  Some I arrange into an artistic bouquet to place before My Father as a group.  Others I gather to store in cold cellars, waiting to display them as needed.  Some flowers, the most delicate, I handpick daily to set before Me that I might admire My handiwork.  They are pure, serene, fragrant, and lowly.  I love to dwell with them in retirement.

          Some of My flowers are wilted and bent over by the storms of life.  Others are hidden from the Sun by obstacles of their own making.  Some have lost their fragrance and their beauty has disappeared. They have not received the refreshing rain showers to revive their petals.  Without sun and rain, they cannot thrive.  They depend on their own resources to survive.  They do not acknowledge their Creator who provides for them.  It hurts Me to see their petals drop from the stem.  I have provided everything for their sustenance.

          My angelic messengers are the tenders of My earthly garden.  They cautiously guard My little plants from drought and disease.  So little known, they are rarely thanked or appreciated, but in their zealous love for God, they cheerfully guard and protect His garden.  Many, many times they are opposed and rejected, but like the tender Architect of the universe, their love compels them to forgive and to constantly pour forth more love and diligence to protect the beautiful flowers God has so lovingly planted.

          To My faithful flowers, diligently fervent and loving, you are My garden of delights where I love to take My walks of leisure.  To smell your fragrant perfume brightens My heart, so wounded by bitterness and rejection.  I am meek and lowly.  I thrive among the hidden flowers of humble beauty.”
Jesus, God’s Gardener

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