Thursday, August 1, 2013

September 14, 2012

          “How little souls have confidence in Me!  How few come before Me in daring confidence, expecting to see My words fulfilled!  How delighted I am when My children believe in Me, when they know that I will do what I have promised.  These confident little ones take the world by storm.  They move My hand of mercy to bless sinners, to convert souls lost in sin’s depths, to open the understanding of the hardened hearts.

          Man’s heart is so narrow, so straitened!  He fails to see My omnipotence!  I can do all things!  I can change any heart!  When I am asked for something with confident assurance, how can I turn away from such a request?

          My little ones have hearts on fire for souls.  The fire burns within their breast to set the world aflame with love for Me.  These desires are the desires of the Holy Spirit residing within them.  He yearns to enkindle the world with passionate love for the blessed God.

          My children, you that love Me deeply and sincerely, I will certainly answer your prayers for the grace to bring the world to Me.  These prayers please Me.  I see the world staggering under the weight of sin and I am so saddened by the ravages it brings to human hearts.

          Continue to ask daringly, My little ones.  Aren’t I omnipotent?  I can do all things and I am willing to bend to your requests for the salvation of the world.  Yes, I can save the entire world, and I can use one soul to bring this about, if I so desire.  Now that is a daring request, isn’t it?  Do not be afraid to ask for things beyond your imaginative powers.  I am forming little Christs all over the globe, souls conformed to the image and likeness of God, souls desirous of My glory alone, souls in love with Me.

          “Look to Me that you may be radiant with joy.”  I long to fulfill your most ardent desires, for they come from Me.  Do not be afraid to ask daringly.  I love confident prayer warriors.  They show great faith and trust.”

Most Daring Prayer Warrior for God’s Glory

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