Thursday, August 8, 2013

October 21, 2012

          “The light is streaming into your soul, My little one.  Graces produced through fidelity and the frequent reception of My sacraments are building a well that is gushing forth torrents of Living Water, proceeding from the throne of God.  I constantly and continually urge and exhort My children to come to Me to receive this Living Water available to all.  Instead, they remain dry and thirsty, searching through arid deserts, looking for wells that are dried up and useless to help them.

          To those who respond to My invitation to feast with Me, I pour out My glory rays.  They descend magnificently in streams of sparkling waters, filling the soul with My virtues, My radiance, My fruitfulness, My joy, and My illustrious beauty.  They become shining stars on earth, illuminating the darkness, beacons of light in the darkened ports of humanity, echoes of the joy of heaven, radiant sunbeams of hope to the oppressed.

          Why do you not come to Me, men of earth, when I hold all your joys in My wounded hands?  These hands, wounded for love of you, are always stretched out to you, longing to hold you, to help you, to establish you, to free you.

          Once again, it is your Jesus of mercy calling out to you:  Come to Me to be healed, to be set free, to be loved infinitely.  I am the great repose of your soul.  Rest in Me.

          To My faithful ones – I declare to you that because of your sweet communion that so ravishes My heart, I will pour out bucketfuls of My Living Water.  You will be drowned in My love.  What a sweet death!”

Living Water

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