Thursday, August 1, 2013

September 13, 2012

          “Progress is made in the spiritual life daily when a soul makes contact with the spirit world.  Without this contact, you live earth days, meaningless in eternity’s light.  In order to touch heaven, you must quiet your mind to the things of earth.  It takes a great effort in these days of terrific noise and bustle.

          The quiet solitude of My Mother brought My life into My mother’s womb.  God chose a quiet, loving heart, a woman humble and meek, a woman streaming forth rivers of God’s love to leap from heaven to earth.

          Only quieted souls hear heaven’s voice.  The world steals your treasures by noise and activity.  If you will separate yourself unto Me, if you will make the effort to be alone with Me, to make Me a priority in your life, you will hear Me speak to you.

          I am not a silent God.  Creation loudly speaks My praises.  I shout to men with the beauty of the world’s wonders.  Nothing came to be by chance.  All things created were carefully planned and meticulously shaped.  The mind of God is a wellspring of creative power.  Man is stagnant because he refuses to come to this well to drink.  Those that come with pitchers in hand fill these jars with living water, the stream that flows unceasingly from the throne of God.  This pure, crystalline water renews, cleanses, and purifies your hearts.  It allows the pure God to shed His glory over your person.  You are no longer a child of the earth, but a citizen of heaven, a pilgrim on a journey to your homeland in the skies.

          It is a pity that men refuse to spend time in My presence silently.  How many graces they despise!  How much wisdom is held back!  How much love never received!  They have answered the call of the world which promises empty dreams.  The only dream worth serving is Me!

        Jesus, the Dream of Life

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