Wednesday, February 13, 2013

May 12, 2011

          “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  To learn God’s wisdom, you must sit quietly before Him in reverential awe and wonder.  This is when you truly discover how little you know.  “I am He who is and you are she who is not.”  I revealed these special words to a great saint of love.  I opened to her soul the abyss of her nothingness so that she might open herself to the grandeur of all that I am. 

          I fill empty souls.  Only in weakness and frailty does My power shine forth.  My graces cannot penetrate the proud and unyielding soul.  I seek the child-like and simple to reveal the deepest secrets of heaven’s life.

          If you want to receive more grace, descend lower into the knowledge of your nothingness without My mercy.  You are made of dust and I hold your body together.  If I left you for an instant, you would disintegrate immediately.  “By Me all things consist.”

          I guide the lowly children with a special touch.  My grace surrounds and protects them.  Their simplicity and candor unnerves a complex world’s system.  They destroy all the strongholds and castles of arrogant words built up so lavishly in the world.  Their honesty destroys all deceit.  Truth cannot be destroyed.  It is indestructible.

          The weak souls of the earth are My prized possessions.  In their weak and empty states, I fill them with My divine power.  They no longer live unto themselves.  They live in Me.  I walk the earth in their purified bodies.

          Seek the lowest, the least, and the most humbling of everything in this life and I will come to you in all My glory and build My earthly tabernacle in you.”

Dweller in the Lowly

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