Tuesday, March 4, 2014

January 20, 2013

          “What will you be doing throughout eternity?  You will be loving.  Eternity is an ongoing festival of love and joy with your God and His loving children.  The Holy Spirit is the overshadowing presence of love in that beautiful existence beyond anything you could imagine.  Your frail senses are not able to comprehend the glory of God and His endless treasures - ages upon ages of unparalleled joy and abundance, walking in the light of God’s gentle face.

          Jesus, your brother, walks as King among His loving subjects, rejoicing in His love for them.  Heaven is full of purified souls, saints of great beauty, humble souls, loving souls, peaceful souls of goodwill.  Goodness is the mainstay of all deeds and loving helpfulness among children of light is forever enjoyed.

          This state of bliss is no fairy tale.  It is the entrance to the great kingdom at the end of your earthly journey.  As pilgrims on a long road trip, you must keep your gaze on your final destination.  The journey is short compared to eternity, the stakes are high, and the help is forthcoming.  It is to you to set your face like a flint to obtain the eternal reward of gazing upon God’s face forever.

          “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”  You are following a holy king to a holy kingdom; therefore, you must be holy to enter.  Cast away all that defiles the image of God within you.  “Be ye holy as I am holy”, your loving Creator commands.  The spirit of holiness overcomes you by sacrifice – the sacrifice of yourself, your desires, your interests, your life.  You give all to God to receive all from God.

          Can you empty yourself to receive the All of God?  Can you humble yourself to be filled with His merciful love?  Jesus opened the door for you.  It is your choice to walk through it …”

Holy Spirit,
Holy Instructor of God’s Ways


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