Tuesday, March 4, 2014

January 18, 2013

          “The brain is an organism at your service.  You can program it by your will.  If you choose something to put your affection on, your brain will think incessantly about this object.

          People have trained their brains to think of sports, health, weight loss, money, fame or destructive thoughts of worry, anger, resentment, frustration, or hatred.  Whatever program you daily enter into your brain is what the program runs on, much like a computer.

          Most people run the same software program every day of their lives.  They never think to change the program.  The first step is awareness – “What do I think about all day?  Does this line up with what I desire in my life?”

          Your goal must be eternal.  Are these thoughts conducive to faith, hope, and love?  Do these thoughts lead me to sanctity?  Is God in all my thoughts?  What direction are these thoughts leading me – to the sensuality of earth or the transcendence of the unseen and eternal?

          Controlling your thoughts is a lifelong struggle.  You must feed your mind with the right food.  You must direct your mind to Me in the morning and ask Me to control your thoughts.  You must think of Me to get to know Me.  Love must be the impetus for all your thoughts.

          I will help you if you will let Me.  Start today by examining your thoughts as they race across your mind.  “Is this thought conducive to holiness, to sanctity, to heavenly benefits?”

          Your thoughts direct your path.  Let Me provide the map for the journey by letting Me program your thoughts for the day.  Your life will change dramatically if you capture your thoughts and hold them under your control, instead of letting them run wild like unruly children.

          I am a God of order and peace.  Come to Me to become a holy thinker.”

Holiness of God

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