Sunday, September 8, 2013

October 30, 2012

          “I have chosen you to go and bear fruit that will last.  As you abide in Me, as you remain in Me, My sap of love will flow through you to nourish My gifts and graces.

          You seek union with Me.  That is the highest grace and glory.  Union will be attained when God cleanses you of all fleshly defilement, when your will becomes God’s will, when you are dead to your flesh.  This is a process whereby God makes of you ‘another Christ’ on earth.  You are to lie still in obedience as you are fashioned by heavenly hands into a masterpiece of God’s love.

          I seek ‘presence’.  As you sit before Me, empty and silent, adoring and thanking, I mold you into Myself.  As you relax into My embrace, your malleability produces a perfect image.

          Has it taken so many years to tech you to let go and let Me form you in My way?  Your humble, docile submission allows Me free access to do what I will for you for your greatest good and My glory.  I am forming a beautiful masterpiece, a stupendous work of art.  Let Me work unhindered that I may display My handiwork in the heavenlies.

          If only you understood My ways … You would leap for joy at your weakness, for that is the point of My entry into your inner being.”

Lovingly Yours,

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