Friday, October 11, 2013

October 9, 2013

           “Confidence is faith in action.  A confident soul pleases Me greatly and runs speedily on the path to holiness.  A weak, wavering, worried soul drags along wearily, putting up obstacles to My joyful blessings.

          To have confidence in Me, you must get to know Me.  How can you trust someone you do not know?  The only way to get to know Me is to talk to Me, to spend time with Me, to begin to understand Me.  I am so often relegated to the back of your life, not even considered or thought about.  Then a difficulty arises and you turn to Me in your need.  You expect Me to perform a quick miracle for you so that you can then go on your way without Me until you need My intervention again.  This is not friendship.  This is your selfishness refusing to consider My feelings.

          I am God but I am also man.  What man do you know would continue as your friend if you treated him in this manner?  Yet, daily this is how I am treated, even by the souls that say they are My disciples.

          I am easy to befriend, easy to hear, easy to talk to.  You must stop what you are doing to consider that I am really another human being, not a set of rules or laws.  People have caricaturized Me as religion, whereas I am Love.  I am all the love you could ever imagine in your finite mind.  I am sensitive and humble, quiet and meek.  I have hopes and dreams, sorrows and pain.  How could a Shepherd watch His dying, suffering sheep and not feel pain?

          When I see you fall, knowing I can help you, and I recognize that you will not look to Me, it hurts Me.  I can solve every problem.  I can fulfill your every need.  To see you walk away from your own mercy grieves My heart.

          Again I cry out:  Come to Me, My overburdened and weary children.  I will help you.  I will give you the peace you so desperately seek.  I am here.  See Me!

Jesus, Shadow Not Seen


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