Friday, October 11, 2013

October 10, 2013

          “What is My heart cry?  Love Me.  Throughout the centuries there has been one resounding call to all mankind:  Love Me.  I died for your love; I lived for your love; I intercede in heaven for your love; I sustain you for your love.

          If you would set all else aside and concentrate on loving Me, you would soar into the heavens with Me.  Love has wings to fly beyond earth’s atmosphere.

          Love is a powerful antidote to every evil.  Intelligence, wealth, beauty, the pride of life – they are meaningless when compared to love’s bounties.

          Love is proclaimed in actions, in obedient willingness to please Me, in love of neighbor by forgetfulness of self.  Love flows through a pure vessel dedicated to My glory.  There is no effort involved when I take hold of a soul with My love.  The soul is carried to heaven by the swift wings of My heavenly messengers, My angels of mercy.

          To love Me is to live eternally.  To hate Me is to die to life.  To ignore Me is to bob along like a cork in the ocean, a meaningless existence.  To walk in My ways is to be a vessel overflowing with the oil of My love.  This soul perfumes everything it touches with My fragrance.  It is a mystifying sweetness that paves the paths with beauty.

          Spend this day loving Me.  Think of nothing else.  Express your love in charming ways, hidden from the eyes of men, known only to your God.  There is no need for words.  A glance will do.  I see your soul in this glance of joy.

          My child, I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Will you make a return to this love?  I hope you will.  Your love brings such incredible joy to My wounded heart.  So many souls care nothing about Me, though I’ve given them all of Me.  A rejected lover is the saddest sight.

          Gladden My heart this day with your gestures of love.  Bring Me a present today – your heart.”

Lover of Your Soul


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