Friday, October 11, 2013

October 6, 2013

          “To have faith in My great promises is a sure sign of spiritual progress and growth.  The spiritually immature seek signs and miracles, physical manifestations to appease their curiosity.  Those that love Me do not seek or need signs.  They go forward resolutely, keeping their gaze locked in Mine, loving My will, regardless of where it takes them.

          The spiritual giants in history have carried the heaviest crosses on their backs.  They lived amidst persecution, rejection, and misunderstandings.  They resembled their suffering Savior.  Like Abraham, they journey faithfully onward, despising all shame, looking to that eternal city in the skies.

          Man has an earthly mind.  He does not savor spiritual treasures and truths.  He is stuck in the mud of earth, the material matter that clings to his soul.  He was created to soar in the heavenlies in his spirit, but he has been tethered to earth by strings of his own making.

          I have come to set these souls free from blindness to the eternal.  One look at My glory and all else fades away.  I yearn to show heaven to My little children, but they would rather stay among the things of earth. 

          There will come a day of separation, the sheep and the goats.  I will divide the people.  Those that have set their face like a flint to do My will, I will place on My right hand to abide with Me eternally.  Those on My left, the ones who have rejected My teachings, will be cast out of My presence.

          What a day of horror for them!  It grieves Me.

          “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve …”



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