Monday, June 25, 2018

August 27, 2017

          “Quietness is fearful to many people.  It is a lonely void that brings sadness and feelings of futility.  It is empty and appears meaningless.  Noise dulls self-interpretation and pondering.  Man continues to run full force; restless, agitated, and driven.  There is no peace.  Silence gives peace.

          Silence opens the door to the spiritual realm.  It breaks through earthly barriers.  It opens heaven.  Very few souls heed the call to silent encounters with God.  In the frenzy of life, they never encounter the silent meeting with their God and Creator.

          Life could end at any moment in time.  This should be taken into consideration by fragile man, yet it isn’t thought about.  Death stares man in the face daily, yet man sidesteps the eternal issue.

          O man, on the day of your death, how will you think?  Will you be joyful and prepared, or caught unawares?  This is something you should deeply meditate through.  Your last day will come.  You will give an account of your days on earth.  They are few, but very important.

          You have been given the gift of life.  Do not take this precious gift for granted.  Understand that the gift of life on earth is hastening to an end.  Each day brings you a day closer to eternity.  Ponder well how you live.”


Timepiece for Eternity

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