Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 25, 2015

          “I love My wounded warriors, those still fighting the battle daily, even though weary and shell-shocked.  The enemy comes in like a flood, yet My wounded warriors are still standing, a small army of the faithful souls that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.

          “Having done all, to stand …”  How many of My zealous first followers have turned back in the day of battle, even while being heavily armed by My Spirit and My might.  The world has allured them away from what is eternal to the decadence of a temporal society of sinners.

          Souls are not fearful of the coming judgment.  They have disregarded all My warnings of judgment upon their sinful actions.  They feel they will be exempt from the lot of men standing before Me on that last day, called to give an account of every moment on earth,.

          Each second on earth is a blessing, a grace given by My kind heart, to allow you to accumulate heavenly treasures.  The storehouses in heaven are empty while men on earth fill their houses with all that will rot and decay.

          My Spirit speaks to this generation in the wind and the waves.  He moves across the land destroying and disrupting.  Humans call Him “Mother Earth”, but that is a lie.  My Spirit controls the weather and all geographic catastrophes on earth.  It is not an act of nature.  It is My Spirit calling men to judgment, to wake up, for the Day of the Lord is nearer than you imagine.

          Once again I call you, men of earth, to repentance and conversion of heart.  I give you one last chance to heed My warnings.  The door to the ark is closing as we speak and will not be opened again to the cries and anguish you will lamentably roar in that fateful day of the closing of this age.”

Just Judge

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