Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 27, 2015

          “The daily affairs of your earthly life are the elements I use to construct a dwelling place for Myself.  I abide in peace and joy in a pure heart.  Each event in life is ordered to make you a righteous, peaceful and joyful saint.  If you receive all things as My divine workings with a joyful abandonment to My precious will, you will be daily making the mold of a saint.  Soon you will fill this mold with treasures from heaven, and earthly cares will swiftly depart.  You will long for the days of heaven where the saints reside in righteousness, peace, and joy.  Your soul on earth will live in this higher realm of heaven upon earth.  The things of earth will no longer affect you.  Your only desire will be to please your Father in heaven.

          So many of My children live in turmoil when it is My will that they live in perfect peace.  The circumstances should not determine your peace of soul.  Like a boat lifting up and down on the waves of a stormy sea, they let the calamities of life upset and discourage them.  I desire that they lay down peacefully in the boat, trusting My will for them, relying on My guidance, peacefully waiting out the storm.

          Everything in life happens for a reason.  Absolutely nothing is by chance.  If you trust that statement, you will live in the peace I give to you, not the peace the world offers.  The world proclaims that you will only have peace in your heart if you are prosperous, healthy, beautiful and favored.  I say to you that My peace is demonstrated more strongly in My children that trust in Me in the most trying trials and circumstances.  They are like children, unaware of any danger while in the care of their loving parents.

          I offer this peace to all My followers, if only they will receive it.  It is free.  It is yours.  Trust in Me and you will find it.”

Peace Producer

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