Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January 28, 2015

          “Are you starting to understand My way of dealing with you?  I am a very subtle Master, teaching you in unexpected and hidden ways how to release the secrets of My heart.  I have been wounded in the house of My friends.  I cannot give Myself freely to most souls, for they forsake their own mercy by abandoning Me.  I do not want to add to their condemnation.

          In silence and stealth, I sneak into your soul in the quiet stillness.  There is no fanfare or trumpet blast.  I am the silent Guest, not wanting to intrude, hoping to be recognized and received graciously.  The rejection from mankind has broken My heart; therefore, I pass by unless I am received openly and warmly.

          Who is more meek and humble than God?  He is courteous, gracious, kind, and welcoming.  He never intrudes or controls like a tyrannical Creator.  He lets all things be as they are created, free to accept or reject His pleasures.

          To those who received Him, they have become children of God, heirs of eternal joy with the best of Fathers.  This Father delights in the smiles of His beloved children.  In My Father’s house are all joys and blessings.

          I come to you, children, as an expectant lover, hoping to be received with loving hearts.  If you reject Me, I will not pressure you.  I will leave you in peace, praying to My Father, asking Him to open your soul to the eternal bliss He has prepared for you.  In secrecy and silence, I will do all I can to change your mind from darkness to light, from earthly to spiritual, from self to God.

          In God lies your happiness, My brothers and sisters.  Follow your meek older Brother to your Father’s house.  He awaits you with such love.”

Your Agonizing Older Brother

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