Friday, January 9, 2015

December 17, 2014

          “How simple and free it is to sit before Me in silence, expectantly waiting to hear My voice within you.  The world is silent around you as you tilt your ear toward heaven, where I reign in glorious beauty.  My eyes search throughout the earth for those souls that will sit quietly before Me ever ready to listen to My teachings in their hearts.  I am so willing to teach souls about their destinies, but so few stop to listen to the wisdom of the ages.

          Wise souls have learned wisdom in the silent hours.  To become wise in this world you must open your heart up to My love.  I created the world because of My love.  I wanted to share this love with a new race of people made in My image.  I wanted them to love Me freely and joyously, from a pure heart.  My goal for mankind is and always has been My love at work in the hearts of men.

          The Holy Spirit is the author of love on earth.  He is compared to a fire, brightly lit and sparkling, engulfing all in His path.  This fire warms and illuminates, purifying the earth to receive the beauty of God.  He is the Essence of God, falling like dew on the heads of My children.  He seeks a resting place in this agitated world.  When He finds a peaceful, silent soul seeking heavenly interests, He descends in a cloud of glory, forming a glorious crown of beauty and holiness rarely seen on earth.  This Spirit of My holiness breathes where He wills, exhaling My fragrance in the world.

          I have promised to give the gift of My Holy Spirit to all souls that obey and love Me.  “Ask and ye shall receive” this gift of God’s love.  He is the breath of heaven, the purity that rises before the throne of God, the excellence of creation’s grandeurs, the effervescent and glittering glory of God.  Seek Him and you shall find Him.  He will lead you into My presence.  He will embrace you with My arms of love.  He will kindle a great fire within you that will shine forth over all the world to point the way to God’s kingdom.

          I will pour forth My Holy Spirit upon all souls that seek Me with a pure and fervent heart.”

Jesus, Spirit Giver

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