Thursday, January 8, 2015

April 8, 2014
          “My Kingdom is a land of peace.  Like a beautiful river sparkling in the sunshine, the presence of My peace invades the soul in all its beauty, lifting the heart to the heavenly land awaiting you.

          I have created a heavenly land of peace for you, My children.  Just as I prepared the earth for your inhabitance, I have prepared a most glorious land of engaging beauty and peacefulness.  Your imagination could not conceive of such beauty.  It is beyond the sphere of your power to penetrate.  There is a veil that must be lifted to allow you to pass beyond your earthly limitations.

          Souls that seek Me with all their hearts lift the veil separating earth from the holy land of heaven.  They abide under My shadow, awaiting Me to take them with Me to our eternal abode once their time on earth has commenced.  As patient children, they stay contentedly beneath My wings of love, glorying in My nearness.  The earth no longer exists for them; all things are now the currency for heaven.  They barter their life away on earth to earn heavenly rewards of glory.

          These children do not seek fame or fortune.  The world no longer attracts them.  The world speaks a foreign language.  They speak the language of the new heavens and the new earth.  They speak God’s language.  They live with the angels and saints on earth, their conversation with heaven alone.  They are quiet, peaceful and simple, unknown to the world, yet known to the heavenly world.

          These are My brilliant jewels, ready to be displayed forever in the heavens, My sons and daughters of grace, those that have lost their lives on earth to love Me and serve Me.  Their reward is eternal.

          Few and far between are these holy souls on earth, hidden behind the bulrushes.  They float through life peacefully and quietly, loving and adoring their Father and Creator.  They are hidden within the heart of Jesus, the Christ.

They will come to their full flowering, fragrantly perfuming heaven only in the next life, the true life.

          Hidden souls of goodwill, your faithfulness has delighted the heart of your loving Father.  Rest beneath the shadows of His wings as you have been doing.  You are soaking in His glory rays to be eternally clothed in them.

          How blessed you are!  You are the children of the Light!”

        Light Giver

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