Friday, January 9, 2015

June 1, 2014

          “Our love deepens with each intimate contact.  That’s how love grows – you throw kindling on the fire and it blazes up.  When you stop in your day to seek My face, you are enkindling the fire of our relationship.

          I am a forgotten Creator in this world.  Everyone enjoys the party, yet the host is ignored and ill-treated by ingratitude.  I am used to being rejected, yet how it hurts when I am rejected by My dearest ones, those that have learned directly from Me.  It takes very little to lose focus and it is very easy to start rolling down the hill of our friendship.  Anything that comes between us becomes an obstacle to intimacy.  I must be first and foremost in absolutely everything in your life.

          Holiness is a growth process, each soul being transformed in a different way – some through suffering, others through poverty, others through abandonment and yet some of My holiest children are prosperous and happy.  In their prosperity, they have not turned away from Me.  They see all blessings as My gifts of mercy and they take nothing for granted.

          The world does not judge as I judge.  Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.  When I find a moldable, pliable heart that knows that all is gift from My hand, many of the entrance exams are bypassed.  We can move on to better teaching experiences.  Humility is the beginning of all spiritual learning.  Many times it takes years to humble a soul enough to teach them the rudimentaries of a sanctified life.

          I am extremely patient, yet you will never advance unless you put into practice the lessons I daily teach you.  You must not only hear My words, you must do them.  With My help, you can accomplish the work of sanctification.  “This is the will of God, your sanctification.”  The teaching never stops.  You do not get the summers off.  It is a daily process of beginning all over again.  This is the road of the holy – daily meeting Me for your lesson of the day.

          I will make you a saint, if you will allow it.”

The Holy Spirit of Life’s Experiences

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