Thursday, January 8, 2015

May 4, 2014

          “The desire to change your life patterns is a gift from My Heart to your heart.  I reveal to you all the obstacles to your sweet union with Me.  If you choose to follow My lead, I will change the course of your life.  I can dispel any habit that interrupts your walk with me.  You must bring every concern to Me if you desire to be healed.  “You have not because you ask not.”  “He who asks receives.”

          God loves to give the greatest gifts to His children and spiritual gifts are on the highest level before His throne.  The gift to obey, the gift to adore and praise, the gift to suffer, the gift to persevere, the gift of holy wisdom – all these gifts are given bounteously to all those who ask in faith, believing My promises.

          Like a heart surgeon, I work so delicately on your heart, the place your spirit calls home.  I am in the center of your heart, constantly transforming and renewing you in My love.  If you ask Me to change your behavior, I willingly do so, for I desire your holiness precisely to please My Father.

          If you wait before me in silence, I will do marvelous and astounding prodigies in your innermost being.  The indescribable beauty and grandeur of My immensity will be revealed to you.  My joy will make you overflow with wonder.  My peace will be your cushion of love, sheltering you from all anxiety.

          Learn to rest in Me, little one.  Learn to be still before Me.  Learn the art of recollection and quiet peace, the great desire of the saints.  In this troubled world, I will reflect My unruffled peace on your countenance and souls will take notice.

          Breathe in My love.  It is free to all that seek it in sincerity and truth.  I reside in the stillness, in the peace of a purified heart.  The more time you spend alone with Me, the greater our intimacy grows.”

Lover of Your Soul

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