Friday, January 9, 2015

October 14, 2014

          “There will be millions and millions of hours in eternity to do as many things as you desire, but what will you desire to do?  Your only desire will be to be with Me, to worship and adore the Blessed Trinity.

          The world is a stage preparing you for your face to face encounter with your King-Creator.  Do not get preoccupied by the costumes and the props.  They are merely the means to draw you closer to your meeting with your God.

          Do you remember what you did on a Tuesday last month?  You have forgotten, haven’t you?  Maybe you went shopping, maybe you cleaned, maybe you went on a walk.  I remember all things, but the actions that are eternal are stored up for you in heavenly places.

          You are the custodian of your time.  If you choose to hand it over to Me, I will show you how to live it wisely, amassing eternal joys.  So much time in life is wasted on absolute nonessentials.  Release your attachment to all created things and live in the unseen realm of the eternal.  All the things of earth will turn to dust except the spiritual.  Ask Me for My eyes to be able to discern the temporal from the eternal.

          As you place yourself under My direction, I help you to make positive changes in every area of your life.  Give Me your consent and I will make you a heaven dweller on earth.  You will live on heaven’s time.  We do not rush around in heaven.  We live in perfect tranquility.

          Give everything to Me, even the littlest moments of your life.  I will make them holy.”

Holiness Master Worker

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