Friday, January 9, 2015

June11, 2014

          “To draw near to your God you must rest in My presence.  The senses are a distraction to our intimacy.  I am from another realm – spirit.  I do not choose to give Myself to your senses, but to your spirit, for that increases your faith and trust.  The senses are temporal and fleeting, helps for your journey through life, but I long for you to worship Me “in spirit and in truth.”

          My most beloved friends are hidden from the world.  They are unknown and unfamiliar because they have visited the spirit realm and know what I value.  They realize that outward displays, popularity, charisma, activity are of the world of sense.  These activities are to be guided by the Spirit in order to be effective.  Deeds not accomplished under the empire of the Holy Spirit are valueless and empty.  You must come to know the Holy Spirit and His action in you.  He is the wind of grace that fills the sails of your boats making for smooth sailing.  How many souls row the boat vigorously, not realizing that the wind of the Spirit will speed them on their way without their fruitless effort?

          You must rest in the love of the Holy Spirit in order to make headway on your journey into My heart.  He is driven away by restless activity not inspired by His impulses.  “Only the pure in heart shall see God”, those that have purified their senses from the passions of the world.

          Jesus came to open up, to reveal the spirit world to mankind.  He opened the doors to the spirit world, heaven, the realm I live in.  If you long to live in this realm, take control over your bodily urgings.  Compel them to rest in the Spirit’s arms, allowing Him to lead and guide your every action.  He will show you the way to live in My heart every single moment of your life.”

Your Loving Father

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