Friday, January 9, 2015

June 24, 2014

          “My saints in heaven surround you with their loving presence.  The Body of Christ is one.  You are all intermingled.  There is no separation of the living and the dead “saints in light.”  Your faith will open your eyes to the beauty of heaven that surrounds you.  Only the mist hides the reality of eternal life.

          Who sees heaven?  The ascetics.  Why?  Because they have learned heaven’s language – the language of silence.  Your words and thoughts can separate you from heaven’s reality.  You must enter the silence of the spirit world to transcend earth’s limitations.

          I impress My image upon you in the silence.  The more you live in silence, the more quickly the scales of earth fall from your eyes.  You walk in heaven’s peace.

          My heart is opened wide for you to enter its silent corridors.  I have a place for you here, a place to abide eternally.  It is your special niche carved out from all eternity.  I await you here to converse with you freely.  I desire that you leave the noise of the world, never to return to your old way of life.  Like a hermit eagerly entering his cell to commune with Me, I await your entrance to our meeting place within My Most Sacred Heart.

          Can you live in My heart for the remainder of your life?  It is possible, you know.  Tell Me that this is your desire and I will bar the door behind you, enclosing you with Me forever.

          How I long for all My children to come running into My heart, never to leave Me again!  So many run in and out, some never pass the threshold, many turn away ... how few come to live with Me continuously!

          I’m inviting you to a new way of life, a life “hid with Christ in God,” an eternal dwelling place reserved for you.

          I await your consent.  Will you come?”

Jesus, Heart Seeker

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