Friday, January 9, 2015

May 30, 2014

          “To love Me with all of your being is your one priority in life.  All else must fall by the wayside.  To become one with Me is an assiduous struggle to conquer self and all earthly preoccupations by a heart in love with Me.  Love is blinding to the senses.  Nothing matters in the world when two souls are love-struck.  They live, eat, and breathe one another.  Even so, I, who am Love, who created your loving heart, deserve to be loved with such ardent fervor.

          Why am I relegated to last place in the hearts of My children?  Many times I am an afterthought, ignored until needed in rough times.  How grieved I am to be overlooked by those I love so deeply!

          Aren’t I always asking for your love?  Think of this deeply.  What else have I asked of you but your heart to return My eternal love?  I am always the giving One, but I receive so little love in return.

          To those souls who regard Me, who love Me, who hasten to be with Me, I delight in their company.  I eagerly await their glances, ready to pour upon them fresh graces and blessings.  I enrich every faculty of their being with My loveliness and kindness.

          Souls, turn away from the world and turn your face toward Me.  I am waiting for your response to My love.  We have all eternity to rejoice in each other’s company, you loving Me and all of Me loving you.”

Your Loving Father

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