Thursday, January 8, 2015

May 25, 2013

          “The stream of My life-giving mercy, the Living Water from the fountains in My presence, are open and poured out upon the hungry of heart, those hungering to know me and to love Me.  I am a giving God, and I search the earth for souls that will open their souls to My gifts.  “No good thing will He withhold to those who walk uprightly.”

          I abhor sin.  It disgusts Me.  The stench of sin rises before Me, causing me to turn away.  But to the souls that fight against their sinful nature, those that fall only to rise again in repentance, I hold out My hand to help and heal them.  The disobedient and rebellious dig graves on earth for themselves which they are constantly falling into.  They accuse Me of digging the grave.  No; they dig the grave by themselves and then they lay the blame upon Me.  There are rules and laws in nature, that when profaned, produce disastrous results.  “Sin, when it is conceived, brings forth death.”  It is the law of the universe, just as breathing is the law of life for the body.  When man trespasses these laws willfully, the consequences are forthcoming.

          I warn My children that My commandments are for their protection on earth.  You cannot break the laws of the spirit just as you cannot break the laws of nature.  If you cut off your oxygen supply, you will die.  If you cut off your spiritual oxygen supply, your spirit will die.

          Do not accuse Me of severity, My children.  I have created a beautiful world for you to enjoy and I incessantly inundate you with gifts.  All I ask from you is to trust My words of love to you – that is obedience.  Obedience is holy trust and abandonment to My wisdom.

          What beautiful plans I have for you, My obedient and loving children!  Do not go off to paths of your own choosing.  They will lead to ruin and disaster.  My paths are paths of beauty and peace, glorious moments of serene joy.  I have your best interests at heart, for I have loved you from all eternity.

Your Father of Holy Living

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