Thursday, January 8, 2015

April 18, 2014

          “Good Friday – the day I died on the cross for you.  I willingly gave Myself up to unbearable pain and suffering because I loved you.  I wanted you to live with Me eternally in My Father’s glorious household.

          The children of earth do not understand My great and passionate love for them.  This earth shouts out My love to them.  I have created a blue planet swirling in space with just the right environment to make it habitable.  I cause the earth to bring forth fruits, plants, flowers, herbs, food for man to live.  Everything on earth is living:  the grass, the trees, the animals, all moving and active.  The earth is teeming with life forms.  This is My garden of love prepared so lovingly and delicately for My children.  It is a playground of hope before entering My universal immensity.

          I speak to My children in the wind, in the stars, in the complexity of atoms and neutrons.  I bring life, love and laughter to the gentle moments of life.  Everything on earth was created for man’s use.

          How I love and adore you, My children!  I want to help you, to glorify you, to comfort you.  Come to Me in your woundedness, your fear, your incomprehension, your neediness and your pain.  These are all trials to strengthen and mature you in the life of love, the life of the Holy Trinity.

          O, understand My Heart, My little ones!  It is a cavern of love and mercy, peace and forgiveness.  I seek your welfare, your happiness, your eternal bliss.  Trust Me that all is well, regardless of the world’s uproar.  My Father’s Kingdom reigns in the heavenlies.”


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