Monday, February 6, 2017

October 20, 2015

          “You are progressing and learning about My will every day.  You fall a lot, you question your path, you doubt your ascent, yet you press on, much to My delight.

          “Rome was not captured in a day,” they say, and holiness also is a continual process of rising and falling as each occasion arises.  Unless I bless you with the gift of instant holiness of heart, you must insistently and persistently stay on the path set before you, not allowing yourself to be discouraged, but pressing on.

          You can make the path easier by relying more on My help than on your own stratagems.  You can silence your chatter, inwardly and outwardly.  Only in peace can you hear My directions clearly.  Continual thinking and talking drown out My holy inspirations.

          In peaceful quietness, walk softly on the earth.  Allow My Holy Spirit to gently lead you in every situation.  Turn to Him with all your decisions.  He will point out My way of doing things.  My way is the holy way.

          I want you to live in peace for the remainder of your life on earth.  You have lived in chaos for too long.  I long to truly be your Shepherd that leads you on paths of righteousness beside the still waters of peace.

          Follow Me as a docile little lamb follows the Shepherd’s lead.  Let Me take care of everything.  Drop all control and let Me control your life.  The result will be a beautiful and peaceful life with Me.

          How I love you, My child!” 


Shepherd of the Lowly Lambs

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