Monday, February 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

          “A willing heart knows no boundaries.  An open heart, ready to love Me beyond the world’s treasures, becomes a channel of grace to the world.  I cannot penetrate a closed heart.  I do not come where I am not welcome.  When you open your heart to Me, I descend in all My glory, transforming your being into a spectacle of heaven’s glory on earth.
          I am looking for the heart of a child to reveal Myself to the nations.  My greatest icons of grace, My saints, were holy children following My parental guidance.  They owned nothing of themselves but acknowledged all as gift and grace.  Their eyes anxiously reached to heaven for all direction and guidance.  They never sought fame, riches, or glory.  They looked for My approval in all of their actions.  These holy children changed their environment.  They tore down carefully constructed plans to build towers of human endeavors.  They humbled themselves as loving children in every situation.
          I will use a child to bring down Satan’s edifices of deception.  Little David will defeat Goliath by his innocence and purity.  Do not be anxious or afraid.  Live your life loving Me one moment at a time.  I will heal you; I will help you; I will lead you; I will guide you.  It will not be you … it will be I, the Eternal Child, leading the nations to righteousness.
          The story is not over, My people.  I am doing a new thing on the earth in these days.  Evil has raged through the land covering the earth in darkness.  I am rising up to scatter the darkness for I am the Light of life.  “By Me all things consist.”  I am the King of nations and will take My rightful place of authority over the wickedness in high places.
          It is to you to humble yourselves and pray, My children.  Strongholds are brought down by prayer and fasting.  Leave the rest to Me.”
Tired of Satan’s Evil

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