Monday, February 6, 2017

August 26, 2015

          “The world of the spirit is infinite and eternal.  There is no end to its height and depth.  Horizons broaden daily as you sit with Me exploring the endless possibilities of our life together.  I am Infinity.

          Man is limited and narrow in all his thinking and daily activities.  He has not discovered the All of life, a “life hidden with Christ in God,” the highest and most profound abiding in the heart of God-Creator.

          Look at My world.  There is no end to the varieties of plants and animals and colors and circumstances.  Life energy continuously swirls and grows as the planet rotates.  The heavenly bodies faithfully stay in the orbit I have assigned to them to give light to the darkened earth.  My creation is magnificent to behold, a rolling ball of blue suspended in space, kept in existence by My loving embrace.

          Little ones, you have the joy of entering My kingdom world, a place beyond man’s intelligence to grasp.  Only the Holy Spirit can reveal who I am and what your future holds.  It is a glorious eternity of realms beyond your imagination.  All you need do to enter is to love Me.  Such a small price to pay for eternal life in joyful bliss in My world.

          Look to Me that the radiance of My kingdom may shine through your eyes.  Let Me cast My ray of light upon your entire being so that My glory may shine on your earth.” 


Glorious Spectacle of Eternal Light

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