Monday, September 8, 2014

September 4, 2014

          “I speak to you, My children.  Are you listening?  How can you listen when you are engaged in so many activities?  How can you hear My voice above the noise in your world?  Why are your ears always listening to what the world tells you?  When do you intentionally turn your ear to hear what I have to say?  When?  In church?  In bed at night?  When are the purposeful times of the day when you stop everything to ask Me what I think you should do?  When do you seek My advice?  When do you read My words?  When do you converse with Me as a true friend?  When do you ask Me about Myself and what interests Me?  When do you try to find out what I think about?

          I am not only God; I am human.  I had a body, as you do.  I had friends and I enjoyed the many beauties of earth.  I was a real person walking the earth.  I ascended to heaven after My earthly exile to prepare a home for you.  I am with you always, watching you, caring for you, listening to you, missing you … but do you realize in your day that I want to be with you in everything you do?  That I want you to talk to Me?  That it hurts Me when I am constantly ignored by My children?  How sad it is for Me to ask for your attention!  I would have liked you to approach Me on your own initiative.  No one wants to coerce love from a person.  Love should be freely given.  How can you say you love Me if you do not spend any time with Me?  This kind of relationship would not work on earth.  It could not be sustained by such long absences.  Why is our relationship any different?

          I am asking you to consider your attestation of love for Me.  Is it real or are you just speaking lovely words?  It takes two people to fall in love.  Lovers need intimate time together.  Can you find some time for us?”

Hurt Lover


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