Sunday, September 28, 2014

March 6, 2014

          “I have given the world the gift of passion.  When a soul discovers something he delights in, he runs after it in a fury of passion.  He excels; he is moved to heroic deeds; his ardor and zeal are evident to all.  The Olympic athletes are a beautiful example of passion – of giving all to attain all.

          The world has passionate followers excelling in a variety of endeavors.  They award each other for their passionate pursuits and revel in the glory of deeds accomplished.  Artists, composers, engineers, actors – they all have a great passion in their work.

          Since I created passion, I also must have a passion.  My Passion was accomplished on earth when I died for the sins of the world.  I lived every moment of My existence on earth pursuing My Passion – the redemption of man.  My Passion was completely unselfish and other-oriented.  I did not pursue My Passion for My own glory or honor.  My motivation was love.  I love the men of earth.  They are My Passion.

          O souls, whom I love so passionately, do you passionately love Me in return?  Do you think of Me, pursue My will, live with Me, and run in the way of My commandments?  Am I your passion?

          In Scripture, I stated that lukewarm souls make Me want to vomit them out of My mouth.  Is it any wonder?  In My Passion for souls, in the pain and suffering I endured for love of them, how can I endure such limpid lukewarmness?  Rejection would be more tolerable than an ungrateful lukewarmness.

          Observe the canonized saints.  They were passionately in love with Me.  They did not follow Me half-heartedly.  They were fervent, responsive, dedicated, unselfish, and passionate in their love of Me.  And I passionately loved them in return.

          My beautiful souls of earth, fall passionately in love with Me and I will bring heaven to earth in your soul.”

Passionate Lover

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