Friday, November 7, 2014

May 13, 2008

          “I want souls of happiness to serve me.  Their eager anticipation to abandon all to embrace My will pleases Me greatly.  No job, however small, will be unrewarded.  Man strays from the path when he fails to fulfill the duties wherein I have placed him.  He is to sanctify every duty, no matter how trivial or mundane.  He can spill lavish amounts of perfume on the most monotonous of tasks and this will please Me more than those done for praise of men.

          Yes, even changing a diaper is a beautiful work done in My Name.  Haven’t I told you countless times that My ways are not your ways?  How many souls skip over the works of My will in their daily lives striving for the great activities, not realizing that they have not really accomplished anything commendable in My eyes?  I do not see as man sees.  The more secret, arduous and lowly a work is, the more highly do I esteem it.

          Man pursues deeds to be noticed, to be admired, great deeds of heroic perseverance.  I value simple tasks done in humility flavored with great love and kindness.

          O men of the world, when will you stop to learn of Me?  My ways are so different than your ways.  My values are almost the opposite of yours.

          You are running on a treadmill, pursuing the same paths over and over again.  You cannot advance because you do not listen to My admonitions.

          Come to Me in the silence.  Let Me speak to you.  Let Me chart your course for you.  I will bring you safely to port.  You vessel now runs in a zigzag motion.  Let Me bring your ship quickly to shore.”

Master Oarsman


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