Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

           “How many souls are rushing madly through life at this hour, running eagerly to their appointment with death!  All these seemingly wonderful experiences in life are just that – experiences.  They are fleeting and temporary.  At the end of the road they will be forgotten as though they had never existed.

          Man should be on an eternal quest for future glory.  Life is a road to eternity.  You must gather all you need on this road to enter heaven.

          Every man is given everything he needs to go to heaven.  There will be no excuses at the end of life that will make a man excused from his responsibility to his Creator.  Every soul knows deep within his heart to do good and not evil.  It is a choice of free will.  To do good in a world that chooses evil is to run against the path of the crowd.  It is to stand alone, watching souls pass by in the opposite direction, as though you were an alien to them. 

          The road is narrow to the kingdom of heaven.  It is rough, obscure and lonely to stand alone, aloof from what everyone else is doing.  But love is compelling.  You have no choice but to choose Jesus over the world.

          The lovers of Jesus walk in a straight line to Jesus.  They fail, they fall, they are ever learning and continue to try, yet Jesus walks the road with them.  They are never alone.  He comforts and encourages them to move ever forward in the direction of holiness, regardless of the cost.

          The rewards are great, My children, for staying on the straight road to heaven.  It may be hard for you to take control of your fleshly tendencies, but if you will come to Me sincerely repentant and open, I will change your life.  I will make you a saint.”

Saint Lover

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  1. Hello Shelly

    I love the analogy you use when you say, one walks against the crowds when choosing to follow Jesus as opposed to the path of the devil. Thank you for writing these thought provoking letters.

    Helen xx