Sunday, September 28, 2014

February 26, 2014

          “The heavens cannot contain the majesty and glory of God without pouring themselves out upon the earth in great and regal splendor.  The glory of the sun shining on the earth giving life and light to all is the image of the generous and refulgent God who continually keeps man in existence.  Who delves into the mysteries of the all-embracing, all-encompassing Creator of the universes?  This gift is open to all – to plumb the depths of God – but few men of earth recognize or acknowledge their Creator.  God reveals Himself in everything that He has so lovingly created.  Creation shouts out the existence of a thoughtful Creator.  Each animal, each plant is a masterpiece of great beauty, intricately designed by a loving hand.

          God has lavished the earth with His gifts of beauty.  The ocean alone is a prodigy of inestimable riches.  The earth provides food to nourish man, flowers to adorn its surface, animals to accompany man on his journey, the winds to move the beautiful trees in a joyful dance …

          How beautiful God is!  His creation is an imprint of His delicate artistry and sensitivity.  God fills the earth with His wondrous beauty!  The heaven of heavens cannot contain your resplendent God!  Only your Jesus can reveal His heart to you in a way that you can understand.  Jesus came to earth to reveal this hidden God-Artist.  Jesus leads all souls to His Father’s arms of love.

          Love God, children of earth, for He loves you beyond your comprehension.  Let Him fill you with His beauty and life.  Let Him draw you to Himself.  He longs to live His God-life on earth in you to bless and comfort His wayward children.  Will you be the loving and obedient child that will bless His heart and give Him the greatest joy?  Please love God.  Forget all else to love God.”

Lover of God

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